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School Gummersbach - SYNLAWN FINE

An attractive and maintained schoolyard without too much effort? A school in Gummersbach makes it real. Each time of year, the schoolyard seems much more modern without cutting grass, watering or fertilising due to the use of artificial turf.

Area: 125 m²

Hotel Winterberg - SYNLAWN FINE

The evergreen hotel facility in Winterberg makes not only their guests happy, but also the hoteliers. The artificial turf area is easy to clean and maintain. Bothersome weeding or lawn mowing is a thing of the past. Hotel guests as well as hotel staff can enjoy a lush and maintained green all year round.

Area: 360 m²

Primary School Kreuzburg - SYNLAWN Public

Artificial turf instead of grit – lower risk of injury for pupils of primary school in Kreuzburg. Now, schoolchildren can romp around and play safe without having bloody knees or torn pants. They can enjoy a summery and near-natural green throughout the whole year.
Another important advantage of artificial turf is the cleanliness: Class rooms and schoolyards stay clean because there are no pebble stones or dirt on the playing ground.

Area: 640 m²


With its 250 exhibitors on 30,000 m², the “Giardina” in Zurich is among the leading trade fairs for life in the garden. FINE was used as greening surrounding the pool in an exhibitor’s stand. The moss effect gives the artificial turf a natural appearance. The result: ‘aha’ effects and an appearance particularly similar to natural turf.

Area: 120 m²

Golf club Osnabrück – SYNLAWN PUBLIC

Perfectly maintained green areas and pond facilities belong to Golf Club Osnabrück. Only because of a wooden bridge the pond facilities do not stand in the right light. Moreover, the bridge was very slippery and uncomfortable to enter when wet. Due to PUBLIC the bridge appears maintained and fits perfectly in the general view of the golf area.

Area: 140 m²

Adventure Golf Zingst

An adventure golf course should be individual and demanding for the players. An golf turf can fulfill requirements and realise appealingly greened, curvy courses. Lawn mowing? Tediously trimming edges? This is not necessary. Molehills? Not at any time.

Area: 300 m²

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Gartenwelt trade fair, Krefeld – SYNLAWN FINE

FINE was used to equip the stand of an exhibitor at the “Gartenwelt” trade fair in Krefeld, Germany. The high-quality artificial turf fibres in various colours gave a natural appearance and a pleasing surface feel.

Artificial turf cannot only be applied on straight surfaces, but also on slanted or wavy surfaces.

Farmstead Steinhagen - SYNLAWN FINE

Artificial turf has been installed on a shady place in front of a stable. Brown stains, molehills or moss? – Wrong! A clean appearance is guaranteed also without too much maintenance effort.

Area: 25 m²

Atrium Ibbenbühren – SYNLAWN GOLDEN LUSH

The newly designed atrium of a company in Ibbenbühren does not only provide a pleasant atmosphere for customer negotiations, but also for a relaxing lunch break. GOLDEN LUSH was used for the greening around the seating area. With its two-colour sub-fibres it offers a natural moss effect and a nature-orientated appearance. The long anti-skid artificial turf fibres provide a natural surface look, absorb the sound of each step and are particularly robust in everyday use.  

Private garden Oelde – SYNLAWN GOLDEN LUSH

Artificial turf is very easy to clean: no mowing, fertilising or watering. Above all, in an angled garden as in this case, artificial turf offers great advantages. This also was the property owner’s motivation to decide in favour of GOLDEN RUSH. This way a perfect green turf can be enjoyed independent of any existing age restrictions regarding the necessary garden care.

Area: 120 m²

Café Gütersloh – SYNLAWN FINE

In the middle of the city centre of Gütersloh there is a small cosy café. Meanwhile other outdoor area was added. Now visitors can also enjoy the sunshine while having a cup of coffee outdoors. The always neatly looking FINE appears particularly inviting here. 

Area: 25 m²

Gartenwelt trade fair, Krefeld – SYNLAWN GOLDEN LUSH

The “Gartenwelt” in Krefeld is a trade fair all about the garden and garden accessories. Of course, artificial turf must not be absent here. GOLDEN LUSH decorated the stand of one of our distribution partners, was a real eye-catcher and product presenter.  


Everybody knows ragged and untended roundabouts. However, it can also be done differently by having  a nice and decorative appearance. In Oelde, an imaginatively designed roundabout now shows a combination of various materials for garden design. Incidentally, it also provides information about Oelde and the companies that designed it. 

Area: 25 m²

Municipal garden – SYNLAWN FINE

A working couple had a nicely designed garden. And a problem: due to the shades of the trees on the lot, the turf was permanently covered with moss. Artificial turf was the solution: an area of about 30 m² was applied with FINE and now is lush green. Two-colour sub-fibres give a particularly natural look. Tasks for which there was little time left are now be omitted completely: no more mowing, thatching and care. The result: easy to care turf to enjoy! 

Area: ca. 30 m²

Horticultural show in Sigmaringen – SYNLAWN FINE

Garden design lives on the creative combination of many different elements. In a horticultural show in Sigmaringen, FINE was professionally used as defining element. 

Area: 40 m²


Having a special place for talking in the middle of the tenement. Or to simply use for recreation. A dream that doesn’t have to remain a dream. The patio of this light-flooded tenement is accessible through two entries. The special eye-catcher: the atrium offers turf in a place where otherwise turf would not grow. The GOLDEN LUSH installed here was not backfilled with sand – but is regularly brushed instead. The artificial turf area is used to relax or grill – all this in the middle of the tenement, in the atrium, “in the country”. 

Area: 25 m²


The lush green artificial turf area shines in the reference garden that faces a play street. And in the main garden, too, a grass carpet has been applied. The owners save watering and care. This way, they effectively have more time to pursue more enjoyable pastimes. 

Area: 73.5 m²

Trade fair stand – SYNLAWN GOLDEN LUSH

Artificial turf is also suited for usage in a trade fair stand. Westfälische Fleischwarenfabrik Stockmeyer GmbH has already used GOLDEN LUSH at several trade fairs to underline the freshness of their own product line by means of the turf’s natural appearance. 

Area: 18.5 m²