NATURALLY ARTIFICIAL TURF. Installation and application – all from a single source!

Easy to apply, uncomplicated to clean: as professionals, we provide products and services with respect to installation and application from A to Z. Our installation partners support and consult with both garden re-planning and installing artificial turf in gardens already planted. Are you technically skilled? If so, you can also aplly artificial turf yourself. The series of photos show you how!

Here you shall find complete instructions for apllying artificial carpets of grass in PDF format to download:

1. Preparing the base

When removing the natural turf, please add 10-15 mm for the damping cushion.

2. Application the carpet of grass

Roll out the weed barrier over the total area.
Apply the artificial turf in lanes and pay attention to the direction (as seen by the observer).

3. Processing the seams

The turf portions must be aligned (max. 2-3 mm). The turf lanes must not overlap!
Tread down the artificial turf on the seam tape. Exert load only vertically!

4. Put on the filling

Uniformly deposit sand in the same direction as the fibres.

5. Finishing care

Screed the sand in the direction of the fibres. Artificial turf and sand must be absolutely dry.
Rake up the sand carefully in the opposite direction of the fibres.
If necessary, use a little water to rinse the sand from the fibres.