Installation & Application

Installation & Application

What do you do if two sheets of the artificial turf carpet are not flush after gluing?

As long as the glue is not cured, remove the artificial turf carpet carefully with a wide spatula, scrape and flush together with pressure.

Can you use less than the recommended amount of sand?

Not less than 6-8 kg/m², otherwise a resistance of the artificial turf fibres cannot be ensured.

Can you use other than burnt, round riversand?

Other types of sand are not recommended. The burnt sand is free of weed seedlings and easy to handle. If the sand isn’t rounded, the sharp grains damage the artificial turf and reduce the service life.

What do you do if no sand can be sprinkled?

The artificial turf carpet is also functional and durable without sand. However, the artificial turf fibres can be trampled without a sand layer. To obtain the most natural look and feel of the artificial turf, it is recommended to brush the turf frequently. To avoid waves or bumps and sliding of the surface, the artificial turf carpet should be glued to the base.

How do I mix the two adhesive components?

Mix both adhesive components in the ratio. Use a drill with a mixer and mix until a homogenous mass is formed.

How do I finish the edges of the artificial turf?

Bordering the surface of the artificial turf carpet with curbs and cut the back of the turf.

When should the artificial turf lie on a gravel or fine gravel layer?

The artificial turf should lie on a gravel or fine gravel layer, if a quick drainage is important, e.g. kindergartens, or the ground cannot absorb the water. The water drains through the drainage holes.

Can I install the artificial turf around existing trees?

The artificial turf, which is already installed, can be conforming individually. Also trees can be integrated without any problems. The holes for the drainage enable the seepage of the water.

Should the artificial turf always lie on gravel?

Broken or crushed stone is not stringently necessary. Other surfaces which leak water are also possible.

Can I install artificial turf on slopes?

We recommend fixing the artificial turf invisible with galvanized nails when you want to install the artificial turf on steeply slopes.

Artificial turf in daily routine

Artificial turf in daily routine

How can I clean the artificial turf, if a dog or bird pollute it with feces?

You can sweep off dried feces with a brush. Alternatively you can use a dustpan and rinse the artificial turf with water. Water doesn´t damage the fibres of the artificial turf and you achieve a cleanly surface.

How can I clean the artificial turf, if foliage lay on it?

You can sweep the foliage away or use a garden vacuum carefully.

How can I clean the artificial turf, if snow lay on it?

The snow could be swept away. Please don´t use a banker off or a de-icer.

How can I clean the artificial turf, if drinks fall on it?

Please rinse the artificial turf with clear water. The liquid flow through the holes of drainage into the ground. Water doesn´t damage the fibres of the artificial turf and you achieve a cleanly surface.

Can I use a metal rake to clean the artificial turf?

If you want to use them, please be careful. Normally you don´t have to use a rake. You can easily clean the turf with a hard brush.

How can I remove weed, which is intergrown in the artificial turf?

Sometimes the wind blows seeds on the artificial turf. It could happen that in the sand of the turf the seeds grow up to weed. You should pick it out by hand.

In some places the fibres don´t stand upright. What can I do against it?

In the course of using the interspersed sand will be compacted. You can brush the blanket fibres and refill the artificial turf with sand, if it is needed.

Can I use herbicide?

It is not necessary to use herbicide because the grounds prevent the growing of weed. If weed and moss are in the sand of the artificial turf, you can brush them out when the turf is dry.

Is it possible to put furniture or a plant bucket on the artificial turf?

Unproblematic. If you can see pressure marks after you put them away, you can brush the fibres up.

Can I drive across the artificial turf by car?

You can drive across the turf if you drive carefully and slowly. But it also depends on the consistency and carrying of the underground.

Can I use a fireplace on the artificial turf?

Similar like on the natural grass you should put the fireplace on a fire-resistant and robust base. Furthermore you should protect the turf against flying sparks.

Is artificial turf fire-resistant?

The artificial turf won´t burn if it gets in directly contact with fire or hot objects. But after the contact you can see a irreversible fire damage.

Should I use care products for the artificial turf?

The high quality fibres were coated with a finish, which prevent adhesion. Special tending strategies are not necessary.

Can I play football or other sports on the artificial turf?

Of course! You can use and enjoy the artificial turf like a natural turf.

How permanent is artificial turf?

Artificial turf is long-living on normal terms. Only when you use it very intensive you should replace the artificial turf after 15-20 years. Only when you use the artificial turf with a high load, you should replace the turf earlier.

Can a mole damage the artificial turf?

The mole couldn´t get through the strong bottom side of the artificial turf mat.

How is the UV durability of the artificial turf?

The UV durability of artificial turf is very high as per manufacturer information, because the artificial turf is designed as a turf for outdoor using. A bit optical whitening of the fibres is normal for the natural aging of each material which is used outside. The colour consistency in the overall assessment of the colour is secured for minimum 15 years when we expect a normal aging. Partially the products are used in zones with very high UV radiation for many years. Especially the GOLDEN LUSH is favoured in Australia and New Zealand.

Material & Production

Material & Production

From what material is artificial turf produced?

It is a synthetic material. The fibres consist of Polyethylen (PE), the back of the turf of Polypropylen (PP). Both materials are harmless for the enviroment and without heavy metal.

Why does the artificial turf looks so natural?

Natural grass is what we attempt to imitate and emulate. During the development phase we placed the greatest of importance on creating the most natural artificial turf possible in terms of its feel and appearance. The natural appearance of the artificial turf is increased thanks to the interwoven of the texturized bottom fibres.

What is tufting?

Tufting is the technology, which runs the fibres in the backing.

What is yarn fineness?

The yarn fibres of the artificial turf differ in the yarn fineness (also called titer). The yarn fineness indicates the relationship between weight and length.
TEX is the unit of measurement in accordance to ISO 1144. This size can specify the weight (in grams) per length (in kilometers) if the artificial turf fibres.
1 tex = 1 gram per 1.000 meters
In the field of artificial turf there are mainly the unit dtex (decitex)
1 dtex = 0.1 tex
Thus, for the mass:
1 dtex = 1 gram per 10.000 meters

Is artificial turf an additional value for estate?

Yes. The countless advances of artificial turf create a large additional value. With the innovative technology of material and production you can almost see no difference between natural and artificial turf. Especially in the long run you can save money when you use artificial turf in comparison to natural grass.