Naturally varied.

Lush green! Even on stone, concrete, in the shade or in blazing sun – artificial turf creates spectacular creative landscapes. Whether on private property or in public areas – the number of possible applications is almost infinite. The best: Permanent watering and continuous care are no longer an issue. Where natural grass reaches its limits, artificial turf makes greening very easy. The result: more enjoyment, less work and perfect turfs!


Whether a garden is newly planted or natural turf shall be exchanged with artificial turf:  artificial turf is the optimal choice for all who prefer growing roses to mowing lawn and extracting weeds.


Roof gardens are something very special. Unfortunately, statics often upset the plans. Artificial turf allows more: for example, nature-oriented and particularly easy to clean roof garden design. Many years of inherent natural beauty – despite of UV light!


Terraces and balconies are classic areas of application for artificial carpets of grass. The particular characteristic of artificial turf: it is tufted upwards and the nature-oriented turf fibres just feel fantastic under one’s feet. Particularly the soft “moss effect” is convincing...


In beer gardens, tables and benches often stand on gravel that is quickly carried out by the great number of visitors and occasionally heats up strongly in the summer. Artificial turf gives beer gardens a very special flair. Contamination can easily be swept away!


Enjoying the sun in a carefree way while having a coffee outside - this requires the perfect ambience. Artificial turf gives outdoor areas a special flair, is robust and the dirt can simply be swept off.


In architecture, artificial turf can be used in various ways. For example, artificial turf is optimally suited for greening roofs. This way, hotels also specifically inspire also demanding guests who do not only want to look at grey flat roofs.


Areaways and patios are becoming more and more popular and are - particularly in the attic storey - eye-catchers in terms of architecture. Artificial turf allow the creation of great, newly and homely solutions that completely inspire.

Artificial turf is used on the surfaces on which natural turf cannot flourish. Since artificial turf does not need sunlight, thus nature-oriented artificial turf is the first choice for areaways and patios today.


Indoor, outdoor, everywhere: Artificial turf feels natural and invites to play. Whether outdoor under the climbing frame or indoor as a cool garden room. The youngest are very excited about it!


Hotels appeal to families when there is a playground in the vicinity and, at best, directly on the premises. Artificial turf can purposefully upgrade playgrounds optically, always looks fresh, feels great, and is particularly robust.


How do hotels make a great impression on their guests? For example, with an always impeccable reception area, a rooftop garden, a fantastic playground, and an everlasting green smoker’s lounge: artificial turf offers an unlimited number of possibilities!


Artificial turf is made to satisfy the highest demands. Event planners inspire customers with temporary putting greens and even renowned golf clubs use the robust and particularly easy care artificial turf variants.

Special design


Artificial turf turns a boring roundabout into a real eye-catcher. Cities welcome their visitors in a “green” way and with nicely designed information pillar. A great complement to the usual jungle of signs – and easy to clean as well!


Artificial turf is optimally suited for designing public park landscapes. There are an unlimited number of possibilities. And in the long run, the costs of care are low compared with natural turf.

References? Certainly ...

Our references present current projects and installations. Our customers: stand builders, hotels, cafés, companies, owners of penthouses, and – as a matter of fact – passionate gardeners who prefer growing roses to mowing the lawn...